Tuesday, August 20, 2019



Daniel: bodegero, unyonista ng Super 8

Nagsimulang pumasok sa kumpanyang Super 8 si Daniel Cachuela noong ika-4 ng Agosto taong 2016 bilang "picker" na tumagal lang nang dalawang araw. Matapos...

The music of Bullet Dumas

The beginning of the twenty-first century in the Philippines saw an overwhelming enthusiasm for acoustic guitar music. Radio stations, TV programs, cafés, pubs, and...

Death comes in police uniform

The history of the countryside in the Philippines is written by the hand of terror. Story after story in tragic repetition. And always the...

The faces and colors of 2019 Metro Manila Pride March

On June 29, the 2019 Metro Manila Pride March was again held at the Marikina Sports Center saw its attendance almost tripled from last...
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