A visual feast of ornamentation, bold design, and vibrant color combinations–these are what make our “Hari ng Kalsada” stand out in the crowded streets.

On the other hand, various artworks have also been used to amplify the #NoToJeepneyPhaseout call. With commuters also joining in, the campaign has gained momentum to junk the Public Utility Vehicle Modernization Program (PUVMP).  

Transport groups led by MANIBELA and PISTON have since proposed rehabilitating or upgrading locally-made jeepneys which would boost jobs in upholstery and local motor works for vehicle maintenance and repair, similar to the Glorious Motors manufactured in Batangas. Better yet, it is imperative to implement a sustainable national industry for the development and progress of the country’s transportation sector.

While they seem to paint the busy roads, the future of the jeepney remains uncertain as the Marcos Jr. administration continues to push through the PUVMP on replacing the traditional jeepneys with imported, white e-jeepneys. 

However, PISTON reported that only 20,000 of the total 55,000 jeepney units in the National Capital Region are part of the consolidated franchises under the program. This compels jeepney drivers and operators to abandon their old jeepney, forcing them to purchase e-jeeps worth over 1.6 million to 2 million pesos per unit while their 400-500 daily earnings would not suffice to pay for such.

Commuters, on the other hand, who rely on jeepneys as their main mode of transportation will face increased fares. Unfortunately, this may result in the demise of the colorful and artistic tradition of the Filipino cultural icon – the jeepney.

As such, many have voiced their opposition and shown their discontent by a series of protest actions, strikes, and caravans in the busy streets of Welcome Rotonda or marching with clenched fists as they reached Mendiola. Anyone who is on the brink of losing their means of making a living would feel compelled to fight for their lives, and there is no questioning their resolve.

They have nothing to lose.


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