Various militant groups and formations joined forces in the farmers-led mobilization protest following the 34th commemoration of the bloody Mendiola massacre. The protesters traversed from España to Recto until reaching the Mendiola Peace Arch— a historical tribute to the 13 casualties among farmers and agricultural workers during the heinous massacre under the administration of “icon of democracy” Corazon Aquino in 1987.

The protesters further lamented that the plight of the farmers have only worsened, decrying that none has changed even after the Mendiola massacre incident transpired with different administrations especially the Duterte regime which did not adhere towards promoting pro-mass advocacies, social justice, and genuine agrarian reforms.

Such pertinent issues highlighted were landgrabbing, red-tagging, land conversion, rice-tarrification law among many forms of injustice endured by most of our workers in the agricultural sector.


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