On Valentine’s Day, One Billion Rising (OBR) Revolution – Philippines gathered women from all walks of life at the Liwasang Bonifacio in Manila at 10 A.M. to call for all-out peace and to urge the Duterte government to continue the peace talks with National Democratic Front of the Philippines (NDFP).

OBR is a mass campaign to end systemic violence against women and children worldwide. The campaign also saw women’s struggles as brought by various interconnected global and local issues such as “poverty, corruption, environmental plunder, imperialism, religious marginalization, immigration, labor, and political repression.”

In the Philippines, women across different cities clamour for the continuation of the peace negotiations to help end end social and economic violence against women and other sectors in the country.

While the Government of the Republic of the Philippines (GRP) and the NDFP have started discussing the Comprehensive Agreement on the Socio-economic Reforms (CASER), President Duterte has “arbitrarily terminated” the talks with the NDFP this January 7, 2017 and declared an “all-out war” against the revolutionary forces.

GABRIELA National Alliance of Women, one of the partners of OBR, condemns the”all-out war” operations of the Armed Forces of the Philippines’ (AFP’s) in civilian communities.

“Rural communities are the ones suffering from the military’s renewed attacks. The army is carrying out assassinations and arrests of development workers and community leaders, while unleashing aerial bombardments and hamlettings of thousands of rural residents. We join One Billion Rising to bring to the attention of world public opinion that the government’s counterinsurgency program, designed and abetted by the US government, is sabotaging the peace talks and renders millions of women and children vulnerable to exploitation, trafficking, and mass casualty deaths,” said Joms Salvador, GABRIELA secretary general.

Members of GABRIELA lead the dance choreography for OBR 2017. (Manila Today/Abes Abian)
Members of GABRIELA lead the dance choreography for OBR 2017. (Manila Today/Abes Abian)
Women participants show the OBR sign after the dance. (Manila Today/Abes Abian)
High school students join the campaign for jobs, land, justice and peace. (Manila Today/Abes Abian)
OBR participants filled the Liwasang Bonifacio park in Lawton, Manila. (Manila Today/Abes Abian)
Women form a peace sign to show their stand for the continuation of GRP-NDFP peace talks to attain an end socio-economic injustice. (Manila Today/Abes Abian)
Women workers calls to end contractualization, junk neoliberal policies and continuation of peace talks. (Manila Today/Abes Abian)
Women of all ages campaign for jobs, land, justice and peace. (Manila Today/Abes Abian)
Men workers show their support for the OBR campaign and call for continuation of peace talks. (Manila Today/Abes Abian)
DSWD Secretary Judy Taguiwalo joined OBR director Monique Wilson, Rep. Emmi de Jesus, actress Bibeth Orteza, artist Mae Paner and other personalities in OBR. (Manila Today/Abes Abian)
Actress Isabel Lopez joined the OBR dance in Liwasang Bonifacio. (Manila Today/Abes Abian)


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