(Warning: humour, sarcasm, slaps-in-the-face loaded, not for the die-hard.)

While Presidential Spokesperson Harry Roque said that this is not a matter of entitlement since the president himself did not avail of the palace to be his abode, so there should be nothing wrong to have Isabelle Duterte’s pre-debut photos taken inside the presidential palace, public opinion begged to differ.

“The President is entitled by law to live in Malacañang but opted not to. So his relatives, especially his own (granddaughter), can have their photos taken in Malacañang,” said Roque.

However, some said the photo shoot of the young Duterte may have violated Executive Order 310, signed by former president Gloria Arroyo, that prescribes the design and use of the coat-of-arms, seal and flag of the president and vice president of the Philippines, and for other purposes, as one of the photos showed the official seal of the president of the Philippines. The EO Duterte’s ally signed in 2004 said the symbols are exclusively meant for the use of the President and Vice President of the Philippines and no other officials.

Beyond what laws may have or have not been violated, netizens and activists make meaning of the photoshoot in the people’s daily lives and current events in the country (e.g. the drug war, homelessness, hunger, poverty, strife post-Marawi conflict, etc.). At the end of their fingertips were 280 characters in social media platform Twitter as quick reactions to the photo shoot avalanched after photos of the December 14 photo shoot were posted online, probably hoping to generate likes and spread good vibes hashtag blessed. Most were in agreement with the observation that it was ostentatious, a display of luxury, power and privilege. And that word that Imelda Marcos being herself put in the English dictionary: imeldific.


People can’t help noticing the ‘blood red’ gown.



Comparisons were made, of course, on who wore it better.


Why blame her? Isabelle Duterte may have only been following another person’s (other people’s) footsteps after all…



Others were simply just in disagreement with the styling and creatives.





Netizens can be certain their reactions reached Isabelle.




Others in praise for the photo shoot got a piece of mind from the naysayers as well.



There were also tweets in defense of the negative reactions.



And since Roque said, “Gaya siya ng ordinaryong mamamayan na pwede ring mag-picture-picture sa Malacañang [She’s like any ordinary citizen who can take pictures inside Malacañang]” and with the tips from Isabelle herself, netizens looked only happy to oblige.


Why not just give the people invitations?




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