Progressive multisectoral groups marked the 118 year of Philippine labor day protest at the Welcome Rotunda despite anti-riot police intervention at the scheduled venue in Liwasang Bonifacio.

Accordingly, Kilusang Mayo Uno (KMU) chair Elmer Labog assailed the police which has insulted the raging protesters’ right to air grievances.

“Labor day should honor workers but the PNP is insulting us by depriving us of our right ot air out grieances. Liwasang Bonifacio is a freedom park and police should back off,” Labog cited.

The ever-significant reminder of May 1 that the reasonable assertion among workers of their rights has a power especially so with collective effort. Currently, labor groups supported by various sectors at large ultimately call for the following demands:

  • P10,000 cash aid for the marginalized and underserved sectors including those who have lost their jobs amid the pandemic and series of lockdown.
  • P100 daily wage subsidy for workers
  • P15,000 production subsidy for farmers

The groups also urged for President Rodrigo Duterte to resign or step out of his position given his administration’s evident lapses in response to the socio-economic crisis brought by the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. They even referred the president as a representation of a Filipino vampiric, bird-like creature called ‘Wakwak’ while chanting “Pangulong Wakwak, Pangulong Palpak” and later became specific by saying “Duterte Wakwak, Duterte Palpak”.

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