Journalist groups led by the National Union of Journalists trooped to Camp Bagong Diwa, this time, not to cover but to bear witness and demand conviction at the the first handing down of judgment in the 10-year old Ampatuan massacre.




NUJP National Director Raymund Villanueva speaks to colleagues as they await the handing out of verdict scheduled to begin at 9am on December 19, 2019. editor Len Olea is interviewed by the media, a role that she would usually otherwise do in regular news coverage.


Police barred the gates from protesters to Camp Bagong Diwa. They also confiscated NUJP’s mural.


Members of Bayan Muna joined the historic event and protested outside the gates of Camp Bagong Diwa, alongside journalists groups.

At around 10:34am, Quezon City Judge Jocelyn Solis-Reyes ‘guilty verdict’ on Ampatuan clan members met with jubilation outside Camp Bagong Diwa gates.


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