“It’s a reality that everyone of us owns a face shield,” claimed Roque.

Wearing full geared face shields and masks is now a mandatory health requirement when going outdoors at all times, said Presidential Spokesperson Harry Roque in a press briefing held on December 15.

In the said briefing, Roque said the Inter-Agency Task Force for Emerging Infectious Disease recommended such regulation to efficiently curb the spreading of COVID-19

“[…] I don’t think it is an issue of cost anymore because I doubt if there’s a person who has no face shield. So let’s just say it is an added protection and it is here to stay until we are vaccinated,” added Roque, citing there were further studies showing lower chances of people contracting the virus upon wearing face shields.

In April, the IATF through Cabinet Secretary Karlo Nograles made wearing of face masks mandatory as people go outside with their errands. Four months later,  Department of Transportation (DOTr) then required individuals to wear face shields along with masks when riding on trains and other public transport vehicles.

Roque also claimed that Filipinos would not find it difficult to abide the newly imposed regulation, deeming that everyone was supposed to wear face shield when going to work, malls, church, and public transport.

“Face shields used to be required only in malls and enclosed areas but now you need to wear both face shields and face masks,” Roque added.

Meanwhile, these pronouncements made by Roque drew flak among netizens.

The presidential spox emphasized it has to be “full” visor—which covers the face from the eyes to the chin—and not the half ones. However, he did not mention whether wearing the latter was considered a violation of the regulation.

“As soon as you leave your house, wear face shield…The penalty for violating the guideline is up to local governments” he affirmed.

According to him, such violations would be determined by the local government which would amend the former guidelines or ordinances even issuing new executive orders in line with the upgraded protocol.

Roque also said that the face shield protocol is introduced since the government expects for possible “surge” of COVID-19 cases in the supposed christmas gatherings and shopping. Religious events, such as mass or work-related meetings, such as seminars and conventions, must be conducted at 30% of the capacity of the room.

As of December 16, COVID-19 cases has ballooned to 452,988 accounted with 8,833 deaths and 419, 282 recovered individuals.

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