“Kaya n’yo pa ba ang kapalpakan?”

The #DuterteResign petition statement was initially signed by more than 500 medical frontliners, educators, youth leaders, religious, lawyers, civic leaders, and concerned citizens on April 15. Currently, the said petition has breached 40,000 mark. 

Various sectors also participated in the ”‘Sabado Nights Online Rally” to further ramp up the numbers and provide netizens a venue to express support for the call. Netizens joined the social media protest and posted photos, videos, and artworks to call for the resignation of Duterte while using the #PalpakResign. 

They took it through social media and slammed the government’s five-year long incompetence, brutality, corruption, and kowtowing to foreign powers.

See the petition here: https://www.change.org/p/president-rodrigo-r-duterte-save-the-nation-duterte-resign


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