Confirmed COVID-19 cases in the country number to 30,052 on June 21 after the Department of Health (DOH) reported 653 cases today.

The lockdown – or varying degrees of quarantine protocols – imposed over the National Capital Region (the first imposed in the country) – will be 100 days old on June 23. The lockdown was imposed when there were only 3 deaths, 52 cases and over a thousand tests.

Now, we have 30,052 confirmed cases (but 37,796 already tested positive), deaths at 1,169, recoveries at 7,893 and total tests at 594,499.

The Health Department still makes a distinction between fresh and late cases, a sign of the persistent testing backlogs noted since April.

Testing capacity is at 12,000 tests per day, way below the May 30 target of 30,000 and June target of 50,000 per day.

Meanwhile, some of the validation backlogs were said included in the “others” tally, when media inquired the breakdown of “others” from the department. However, cumulative positive individuals have reached 37,796 as of June 20—the difference of 7,744 from confirmed cases is the total validation backlog.

DOH is validating the cases for duplication or other errors before reporting them as confirmed and the Health department has said that their reports of cases and deaths does not mean these individuals tested positive or died that day. Confirmation were made and reported to public days later, that is why there have been days where there are more cases or deaths reported in Metro Manila or Cebu than what the DOh reported.

In so far as validation is concerned, the DOH indicated in its data drop in the last week only up to three cases that were duplications and even lowered these duplications – that is why more or less the total number of COVID-19 cases might truly be nearer the cumulative positive individuals.

The DOH removed the ‘cumulative positive’ individuals from plain view in their COVID-19 tracker, but it can be found in their Beat COVID-19 Today: Philippine Situationer.

Geplaatst door Department of Health (Philippines) op Zondag 21 juni 2020


Also in the last seven days, the DOH reported 4,130 confirmed COVID-19 cases and 82 deaths.


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