Barely a month since Regent Foods Corporation (RFC) workers launched a strike, company-hired goons, guards, and members of the Philippine National Police violently broke in and dispersed the striking workers.

Dispersal at Regent main gate. Photo by Defend Job Philippines

UPDATED: Fifteen strikers, two paralegal officers of labor group Defend Job Philippines and a bystander were arrested during the dispersal.

The seventeen arrested are the following:

  1. Melanie Dela Cruz
  2. Laarni Gabriel
  3. Enrico Ramos
  4. Christopher Distor
  5. Virulyn Vesuyan
  6. Aileen Batanon
  7. Alex Batso
  8. Gemma Alvarez
  9. Aldo Sanchez
  10. Crisanta Lagrisola
  11. Benjamin Israel
  12. Arnel Ocampo
  13. Edmund Timbal
  14. Cyril Pumaren
  15. Generoso Soliven
  16. Christopher Arañas
  17. Basilio Cudiamat
  18. Romel Agcaoili
  19. Antonio Regacho Jr.
  20. Bonifacio Ramirez
  21. Judy Salcedo
  22. Gerardo Gaddi (Defend Job Philippines)
  23. Carlo Levanta (Defend Job Philippines)
  24. Ronald Montilla (tricycle driver)

Some of the arrested workers. Photos by Defend Job Philippines

Defend Job Philippines (DJP) and Regent Food Workers Union (RFWU) decried the manhandling by the RFC management, the PNP and regent security guards for conducting an “illegal” dispersal as they have not shown any legal document and injunction order from the Labor Department.

In a press release posted by DJP, the dispersal came at a time when there is still an ongoing negotiation between the Union and the management before the Labor Department’s National Labor Relations Commission and the National Conciliation and Mediation Board.

The group also demands for the immediate release of the 17 arrested. The group will be filing counter-charges against the management.

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