At 6pm on July 3, news broke on the ‘terror bill’ being signed into law by President Rodrigo Duterte and almost instantly, #JunkTerrorLaw and #OUSTDUTERTENOW became trending topics.

Republic Act No 11479 or the Anti-Terrorism Act of 2020 came to be despite massive opposition from all quarters of Philippine society since it was being railroaded in Congress by end of May. The bill would have lapsed into law by July 9, or 30 days after it was transmitted to the president from Congress. The opposition to the bill saw the first physical protest rallies even before the lockdown was eased to a general community quarantine in Metro Manila by June 1.

The public dubbed the measure as ‘terror bill’ for various provisions they found unconstitutional and violative of human rights, as well as seen to target government critics and dissenters and not only actual terrorists.

From the viral #JunkTerrorBill, netizens now tweeted #JunkTerrorLaw.


Many also tweeted #OUSTDUTERTENOW.





signed copy of the law was posted at the Official Gazette at around 10am on July 3.

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