On July 26, Negros Oriental 3rd District representative Arnolfo Teves landed again on the Twitter algorithm regarding his filed House Bill No. 611 or an Act Declaring Ghosting as an Emotional Offense on June 30.

It had not been the first time that the lawmaker gained “free publicity” especially when being linked to several issues.

Like to his son who mauled over a security guard in a subdivision and when he also pushed to rename the Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA) into Ferdinand E. Marcos International Airport, alleging that the airport facility improved during the ruling of the late dictator who is also the father of yet another Marcos in Malacañang.

Meanwhile, today, many were dismayed and expressed their sentiment over Marcos Jr.’s remarks that he chose “staying away” five hours after the struck of magnitude-7.0 earthquake transpired in Abra.

According to Marcos Jr., this to not “disturb” the work of local officials. But to the netizens, it was disturbing to the 218 towns in 15 provinces from Northern Luzon deeply affected by the earthquake.

Hence, they bombarded Twitter with #NasaanAngPangulo and Anti-Ghosting Bill topics.

Talking about priorities

At the height of the health and socioeconomic crisis, to name a few were the continuing price surges in oil, food products and basic commodities, comes the priorities of Marcos Jr. and Teves—who, the latter made use of his legislative powers in a bill that does not even provide penalties and inclusivity; and the former with such an administrative post as president but preferred to drift away from the climate tragedy.

According to Teves’ Anti-Ghosting Bill, he only defined ‘ghosting’ as a form of emotional abuse and happens “once a person is engaged in a dating relationship with the opposite sex which affects the mental state of the victim.” Accordingly, Teves made no mention of those in same-sex relationships; thus making it noninclusive.

To Marcos Jr., he argued that it is through experience that when national officers, taking example himself, would come to affected areas would only disturb the work of local officials. According to his press secretary Trixie Cruz-Angeles, Marcos Jr. will “immediately fly to the area as soon as the all clear is given.”


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