Metro Manila records 600 new additional coronavirus infections, raising a total of 23,803 active cases, and 1,158,442 confirmed cases as of today, February 10, 2022

In the recent data provided by the DOH COVID-19 Tracker, Quezon City logs an additional 122 new COVID-19 cases, listing a total of 4,882 active cases today.

The city remains at the top with the highest COVID-19 cases in Metro Manila with 242,256 total cases, 234,984 total recoveries, and  2,390 total deaths throughout the pandemic. Garnering an average of 97.0% recovery rate and 1.0 % fatality rate.

In the recent report from the Department of Health, all laboratories were operational last February 8. However, there are five (5) laboratories that contribute 0.8% of the sample tested and 1.2% of the positive cases were unable to submit the data in the COVID-19 Document Repository System (CDRS).

In the overall tally, the Philippines listed 4,575 new COVID-19 cases, with 93,307 active cases and a total of  3,627,575 confirmed cases.


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