On Thursday, January 27, Commission on Elections (Comelec) Commissioner Rowena Guanzon publicized that she voted yes to disqualify the candidacy of Ferdinand Marcos Jr. for the post of the presidency due to failure of paying his taxes four times way back in the 1980s.

Guanzon is part of the Comelec’s First Division and one of the handlers of the disqualification cases filed against the candidacy of Marcos Jr.– son of the late dictator, Ferdinand Marcos, Sr.

According to Guanzon, she had to publicize her decision so that the Filipino people will be aware and for the reason that she is suspecting that her vote will be invalidated, as she is about to retire next week. However, she asserted she already submitted her separate opinion about the case to all the commissioners before the day of her retirement.

“It was delayed because they already know my vote. They think if I retire, my vote will not count, which is not true,” Guanzon said.

Guanzon also believed that the COMELEC First Division is delaying the decision on the disqualification cases filed against Marcos Jr.

“Parang unreasonable na ‘yung delay. Ang kutob ko talaga may nakikialam na eh. May nakikialam na. Some people are trying to influence the commissioners.” Guanzon said.

[The delay seems unreasonable. My hunch is that some are interfering.]

Meanwhile, Guanzon also said she hopes the division resolution will be released on Friday or Monday, however, she hinted that it may even be ‘too late.’

Guanzon also stated that she wanted her job done before she officially retired, the reason for her to urge the ponente, commissioner Aimee Ferolino-Ampoloquio to release their decision

Aside from her retirement reasons, Guanzon also pointed out that she, Ferolino, Marlon Casquejo agreed that the resolution of the case that was raffled off to the First Division on January 10 should be out within seven days, but until now the resolution had not been released.


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