Envi group wants Metro Manila’s green spaces preserved


Nilad, a network of environmental protection advocates, launched the Green Corridor Initiative campaign at the University of Makati on September 27 to call for the preservation of green spaces in Metro Manila amid rush to implement government’s infrastructure agenda ‘Build, Build, Build’.

The group illustrated the cutting of trees along Commonwealth Avenue for the building of the MRT-7 as one of the recent casualties of the development agenda that they say ‘does not benefit the people and the environment.’

“The development projects are geared for private business profit, so we lose green spaces that can protect us from calamities. The government spend for these projects and turn over their operations to private business, so the money that comes from these projects does not go back to social services or the environment,” said Nilad Chairman Raymond Palatino.

The group also launched the #GreenMetroManila, which aimed to have an inventory of green urban spaces in Metro Manila. They sought local government units for environmental plans such as land use, parks and plazas, existing waterways, number of trees, biodiversity profiles, bike lanes and waste management facilities.

Netizens may also take part in the initiative of identifying and monitoring green spaces by posting photos of these spaces and places with the use of the said hashtag.

University of Makati students participate in the #GreenMetroManila initiative.
University of Makati students participate in the #GreenMetroManila initiative. Photo by Kathy Yamzon.

The group said they are named after the origins of the name of the capital city of the country, “may nilad” meaning there are mangroves. The region used to be surrounded with mangroves that protect from flood and surge and promote biodiversity, hence the inhabitants gave such name. There are only three remaining mangrove forests in Manila.



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