81 new cases in a day, total COVID-19 cases among health workers at 6,580 as of August 23

The Department of Health (DOH) Beat COVID-19 Philippine Situationer with data as of August 23 recorded 81 new COVID-19 cases in a day among health workers, bringing the total to 6,580.

The Health agency reported 532 active cases among health workers, less than 169 cases than yesterday.

The DOH also tagged 250 recoveries, after the first weekly implementation of “mass recovery,” bringing the total recoveries to 6,009.

Deaths remain at 39 since August 2.

A total of 230,657 individuals have tested positive, while the DOH have confirmed 189,601 COVID-19 cases. There is a difference of 41,056 cases that tested positive that the DOH have yet to validate to know whether this number would be included in the confirmed cases. DOH also reported 7,046 testing backlogs.

The Philippines ranks first in the number of total cases in the Southeast Asian region, having 36,066 more cases than Indonesia (153,535) that ranked second. Singapore reported 56,353 cases, Malaysia 9,267 and Thailand 3,395, rounding the five countries in the region with the most cases.

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