11 new COVID-19 cases, with 5 severe cases, and 1 new recovery among health workers as of August 7

The Department of Health (DOH) Situationer Report with data as of August 7 recorded 11 new confirmed COVID-19 cases among health care workers, bringing the total cases to 5,398 or 4.4% of the cases in the country.

There were 10 more active cases recorded. Of these active cases, 1 is critical, 5 severe, 350 mild and 149 asymptomatic cases.

There was 1 new recovery recorded, bringing the total to 4,854.

The DOH reported 122,754 COVID-19 confirmed cases in the country, while those who have tested positive have reached 159,601. The difference between confirmed and positive cases, which the DOH have yet to validate and deduplicate, climbed to 36,847. The Health agency also reported 4,420 testing backlogs as of August 7.

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