Photos by Conrad Panelo, Demie Dangla, and Manila Today staff

Text by Manila Today Staff

MANILA – The annual Translacion of the Black Nazarene drew millions of devotees wanting to catch a glimpse of the ‘Nazareno.’ (Photo by Conrad Panelo)

1Neither the drizzling weather nor the extreme heat of the afternoon sun could water down devotees’ faith. (Photo by Demie Dangla)

2bSeveral people walked barefoot during the procession. For Filipinos, suffering is a way of ‘atoning’ for their sins. (Photo by Manila Today)


As the Nazareno figure drew closer, people were in a trance of jubilation. (Photo by Demie Dangla)

6A rope was also attached to the ‘Andas’ of the Nazareno. (Photo by Demie Dangla)

7Some people threw their towel to be wiped across the miraculous figure. (Photo by Demie Dangla)

8Some could barely stand merely catching a glimpse, and opted to touch the Nazareno figure. (Photo by Manila Today)



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