Labor group slams looming SSS contribution hike


Defend Job Philippines today expressed its strong opposition to the looming increase in the Social Security System monthly contribution to 3%. The group said that this additional deduction to the long-drawn low wages of ordinary and poor Filipino workers will mean nothing but added burden to them.

The statement is made as Defend Job Philippines joined women’s groups Kilusan ng Manggagawang Kababaihan and Gabriela Women’s Party in a picket protest today at the SSS Main Office in Quezon City.

They insisted that instead of hiking SSS contributions, SSS must focus in ensuring that their collection system to be efficient and for its executives to slash their bonuses to effectively fund all the necessary social security programs of its agency.

“Filipino workers have long been shouldering high prices of basic commodities and services. Deducting added monthly SSS contribution to the depressing state of their wages will cause nothing but additional economic hardships to them,” said Christian Lloyd Magsoy, Defend Job Philippines spokesperson.

Magsoy added, “The SSS, as a social security arm of the government, must reform and refocus its collection measures towards efficient resource generation and by cutting all of its unnecessary expenses. They must not put the burden of its programs and services and its want in efficiency on our working people.”

The labor group stressed that instead of increasing monthly contributions, SSS officials must implement stricter rules that will penalize employers who are not remitting contributions of their employees and workers.

After the protest, Makabayan and Labor Win senatorial candidate Atty. Neri Colmenares held a Stakeholders’ Consultation in Quezon City with workers, senior citizens, OFWs and pensioners concerning the looming SSS contribution hike.


Senatoriables urged to take stand against SSS contribution hike

Through the group’s ongoing #LaborVote2019 campaign, Defend Job Philippines also urge senatorial candidates to air their “No” vote against the said SSS contribution hike.

They said that candidates seeking posts this coming May 2019 midterm elections must side with the Filipino workers in opposing all anti-labor and anti-people measures including the SSS contribution hike.

“Now is the best time for senatorial candidates to bare their platforms that will put an end to additional SSS contribution, and instead promote and ensure its effective collection system, slash lavish bonuses of SSS officials in order for the agency to continue its operations and fulfill its function to provide social security and benefits to Filipino workers,” ended Magsoy.


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