Digo Acuzar, a design freelancer and founder and creator of travel and health and wellness website Just Go Pilipinas, visually interpreted icons connected to the Republic of the Philippines–the emblem, the flag and its elements–and the abstract values the Filipinos have long fought for and cherished–freedom, free speech, bravery–in light of the lockdown and COVID-19 pandemic the country is going through.

He posted this along with the image above: “Change” came. The stars were immediately replaced by bullets. Spamming continues. They attacked us using the only weapon they know: FEAR. But, they don’t know the LIGHT. So, as good citizens, we keep our LIGHT… The only thing that they can’t take away from us, until it melts the bars and the shackles of fear within us. TRUE CHANGE comes from being conscious, taking your power back and acting on it.

In red, black and white. other images portray free speech gagged and jailed;


Freedom bound;


And the stars that represent the three main islands riddled with violence.


Check out his website at this link.


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