APRIL 16, 2020

Good day! I hope you are all in good health and safe with your family during this enhanced community quarantine.

I am Jocelyn Bautista, Mother of RAM CARLO P BAUTISTA, 24 y/o, a POLITICAL PRISONER who is currently detained in Manila City Jail because of trumped-up charges [against] him. During this time of pandemic, it is very hard as a mother to think that my son is in jail and I don’t even know what is his situation is. I am appealing to your good heart to please release my son due to this pandemic which makes us worry every day because we all know that Manila City Jail doesn’t have a good facility and its capacity is 17,719 only but the population is more than 37,000 where social distancing is very impossible to attain.

Recently, my son experienced having [his] ingrown swollen and he cannot walk properly. He has a history of having “kulani” which was why he has a swollen ears that caused cough and colds and he needed to undergo surgery in Jose B. Lingad hospital in Pampanga. He has frequent colds and coughs in these past few years, which he will make him prone to get the virus if in case it will be spread in the jail.

He did not finish his study because of lack of money; this is his chance to finish study after the pandemic if you will just give him a chance.

We found out that many countries already released their prisoners to also prevent the spreading of the virus in jail. But beyond that, the feeling of being complete and knowing your love one is with you during this pandemic gives us a peace of mind, doesn’t it?

If you’re going to approve our petition, we will make sure to attend court hearings and abide by the conditions for temporary release of my son.

This time of pandemic, I know all of us is making our part to help, and to do even little acts [of kindness] to everyone who needs it. Maybe this time we can make a difference by giving freedom to those who chase it, and giving chance to those in need.

I pray to God to touch your hearts and consider this humanitarian action. As a Mmther and as a parent, I know you have this heart for children like my son to give him the freedom he deserves. I cannot repay you with any material things, but I know above all of us there is someone out there who will repay you, more than you may give to my son.

The pandemic teaches us to spend more time with our family. Appreciate all the little things in front of us. We will never know when will this end, but every day that we wake up there is another hope in all of us. For a mother like me, I have another day to hope and pray to be with my son again.

Thank you.


Letter originally published by Kapatid – Families and Friends of Political Prisoners


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