UP community along with multi-sectoral groups chant in chorus their adamant condemnation against the unilateral abrogation of UP- Department of National Defense (DND) Accord mandated to bar state forces to enter UP-wide campuses.

The groups said that this brazen order from DND was a direct assault not only at the expense of academic freedom but also to the expression of student activism raging against tyrannical rule since the Marcos era.

They also backed national minorities who have sought sanctuary within UP campuses to not fear military intervention. The indigenous peoples (IP) have long been endangered from various affronts espoused by the military. Rampant issues like land-grabbing, red-tagging, bombing of schools, and killings among other human rights violations were experienced by the IPs. The UP, thus, opened the school grounds as sanctuary to give protection and security while they assemble peacefully upon airing legitimate demands and lambast such terrors that the state has propagated.


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