On the 123rd Philippine Independence Day, progressive groups troop to the Chinese Consulate in Makati to protest China’s incursions on Philippine territory. They also decried President Rodrigo Duterte’s submissive stance on the West Philippine row with China.

Bayan Muna Representative Eufemia Cullamat joined the protest.
Youth group Anakbayan Metro Manila called on driving away foreign powers US and China from the Philippines.
Fisherfolk group PAMALAKAYA demanded China to leave Philippine waters and called President Rodrigo Duterte a traitor to Philippine sovereignty.
Peasant groups called the president a puppet of China and called for an end to Duterte’s regime.
In the fashion of the Netflix hit Trese, posters of Duterte were vandalized with “killer” and “oust”.
Mural called for an end to Duterte’s reign.


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