Duterte sustains backlash over “shoot her in the vagina” comment

President Rodrigo Duterte addressing rebel returnees on February 7. Photo by Ace Morandante, Presidential Photographers Division (PPD).

On February 7, President Rodrigo Duterte hosting more than 200 former rebels at the Malacañang Palace remarked to shoot female New People’s Army (NPA) fighters in the vagina upon their capture.

“Shoot her in the vagina. Tell the soldiers. There’s a new order coming from mayor. We won’t kill you. We will just shoot your vagina, so that… If there is no vagina, it would be useless,” said Duterte upon being told that the female NPA fighters hold guns and fight like an Amazon warrior.

Duterte made the headlines in international media once more.






Negative reactions were generated from all over the country and the world.










Duterte was also compared to Trump and the ironies of his statements were also pointed out.








On February 13, Presidential Spokesperson Harry Roque told Duterte’s critics “not to take the President literally but take him seriously.” He earned himself his own volley of displeasure.



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