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Martial Law in 1972 declared by Ferdinand Marcos, Sr. killed thousands of Filipinos and left a country scarred and wounded. Even 44 years have passed, wounds still sting. The late dictator and his family remains as one of the powerful and wealthiest families in the country – and remained unaccountable for innumerable plunder and human rights abuses.

Wounds reopened when the Supreme Court allowed the burial of the late dictator to the Heroes’ Cemetery, at the behest of the Marcos family, at the order of President Rodrigo Duterte. This benefitted him and his family a burial that befits a hero.

But these wounds deepened. While people are fighting to block the burial ceremonies, the Marcoses were able to orchestrate the heroes’ burial of the dictator ten days after the ruling. Transported by a helicopter, the remains of Marcos were sneaked in and flown to Manila from his hometown in Ilocos Norte.

Due to the spur of events, stories about Martial Law propped up and continue to resurface – with the urge tell the histories of their wounds.

No matter how painful it is to remember, victims and families endure the pain so people will not forget the atrocities under the Marcos dictatorship.

This is for those who have lived and have not lived in the time of Martial Law.

Click below to read stories about people’s experiences during Martial Law in the Philippines.

You can contribute your Martial Law story by sending it, together with photos and personal profile, to

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